About me

Posted on Mar 29, 2021

Greetings humans!

I am Bent Harnist, a Franco-Finnish MSc. student in complex systems from Aalto University. As an undergraduate, I majored in Engineering physics, with a flavor of math, biology, and computer science.

My current interests reside in neuroscience, data science and machine learning, and everything that resides at the multidisciplinary frontier of complexity science. On a broader level, I have a long lasting love for the Japanese language and culture, a strong desire to build things to help others, and a dream of people all around the world coming together to bring kindness and prosperity to everyone.

Portrait of me

I also like the outdoors ;) …

I am trying to keep a minimalistic mindset with social media, but you can find me on…

  • Github where my personal data science and programming projects are found.
  • Twitter where I tweet about things I find important.
  • Linkedin used mainly for searching open positions.

For inquiries, I would appreciate them by email to my firstname.lastname addresses on aalto.fi or gmail.

This website was built with the help of the Hugo static site generator on top of the Archie theme. On this same domain, I host a Matrix and Jitsi server for friends and family. Matrix is an open-source federated communication protocol, that I use for chat applications. Jitsi on the other hand is an open-source p2p-able videoconferencing solution.